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Itinerary for JATIM Photo Travel

A friend, who is a famous professional photographer in Malaysia…some say in Philippine also…he he he was asking me simple itinerary to Kawah Ijen or other suitable places in Indonesia. Not because he can’t make it on his own. Just wanna get input based from my experience.

So here it goes Enche Ted Adnan…. :D

Few good places (I think) which are good for photo travel (people & places) in JATIM are:

  1. Mount Bromo & surrounding at Ngadisari
  2. Madakaripura Waterfall, also in Ngadisari
  3. Papuma Beach in Jember
  4. Kawah Ijen

So to go to these places, here is my recommendation based on my previous travel.

  • D1 – KL-Surabaya-Cemara Indah (~4 Hours bus ride)
  • D2 – Cemara Indah-Bromo-Ranupane Lake-Cemara Indah
  • D3 – Cemara Indah-Madakaripura Waterfall-Catimur Homestay (at Jampit) (~ 6 Hours)
  • D4 – Catimur Homestay – Paltuding (basecamp) – Kawah Ijen (3 hours slow walk) – Paltuding – Catimur Homestay
  • D5 – Catimur Homestay – Papuma Beach – Surabaya (~6 Hours)
  • D6 – Surabaya – KL

For sample of pictures of these places, just search my blog here. Hope that helps Ted! :D

Next stop, Bromo & Ijen!

Thirteen odd extraordinary people will travel from Surabaya to Bromo to Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) in East Java in March 2010. We plan to stay 2 days in Bromo and spend more time visiting few lakes around the area. Then we will explore few waterfalls and travel to coffee plantation area before we climb Kawaj Ijen. On the way back we will stop at Baluran Safari.

Wish us luck guys.

Java III – Bromo-Ijen-Surabaya

Java is my favorite photography place. I have been to Jogja few times. The first trip was Feb 2008 where I ‘accidentally’ went up Mount Merapi. Spent extra few days exploring Borobudur & Prambanan. Then in August the same year we went up Mount Lawu & Mount Bromo. In Feb 2009 we went to Dieng Plateau. In October last few months we went to Danau Toba in North Sumatera.

This coming March, we plan to revisit Bromo & to go further East to Ijen Crater. This is our detail plan:
Day 1 – Mon

  • 1200 Arrived at Juanda Airport
  • 1300 Lunch at Surabaya (Ibu Nuraini’s restaurant)
  • 1500 Travel Surabaya – Sidoarjo (where the mud flood occurred but we won’t stop here) – Pasuruan – Probolinggo – Ngadisari
  • 1900 Arrived at Ngadisari & stay overnight here (Cold)
  • 2000 Free & easy (Sleep early please, we have to wake up at 2AM)

Day 2 – Tue~ The most hectic day! The photography day!

  • 0300 Travel to Cemoro Lawang (entrance of Tengger-Bromo-Semeru National Park) – Please pack something for breakfast as I do not know where or when we can have one.
  • 0400 Travel by 3 4WDs (6 persons, about IDR450,000 ~ RM150 per jeep)
  • 0500 Sunrise from Penanjakan (Make sure to wear suitable jacket, cap, glove – it is cold up there. We pray Fajr here – bring some water for wudu’)
  • 0700 Descend to Lautan Pasir & Mt Bromo (Dust everywhere. Never change your lens here. Wear mask if possible. Horse ride optional & expensive too)
  • 0900 Continue to savannah (near Mt. Bromo)
  • 1100 Continue to Pane, Regulo and Gembolo Lake (at Panupane Village)
  • 1400 Travel back to hotel & lunch along the way.
  • 1500 Free & easy – Stay another night here. The place is cold. Plenty of human interest opportunity I guess.
  • Those who wish to arrange private trip to Bromo again with motocycle or the like, please do so during this time. Expense on your own but please go in a group. Try & catch sunset at Bromo if you want.

Day 3 – Wed ~ The traveling day

  • 0800 – Travel Ngadisari – Madakaripura Waterfall (At Lumbang). Can mandi-manda here.
  • 1200 – Travel Probolinggo (lunch here) – Bondowoso – Jampit.
  • 1800 – Arrived at Jampit. Stay overnight here (a coffee plantation area & KIV stay at Arabica Guesthouse – Tel: 08113505881)

  • 1900 – Free & easy

Day 4 – Thu ~ Kawah Ijen day

  • 0400 – Check-out from hotel/guesthouse. Please pack some food. Travel to Paltuding (the post to Ijen, fee about IDR20,000 each – please have a face mask ready). We try to catch sunrise at Kawah Ijen, a 1 1/2 hours hike (3KM) from Post Paltuding.

  • 1400 – Continue the journey to Banyuwangi – Check in into a hotel here.
  • 1600 – Human interest at Muncar till dinner
  • 2000 – Get back to hotel & free & easy

Day 5 – Fri ~ Going back to Surabaya

  • 0800 – Travel to Baluran National Park (I guess this is the usual tourist site)
  • 1300 – Continue to Surabaya (a long bus ride! ~ 5 hours). We will see what is good to shoot along the way.
  • 1800 – Arrived at Surabaya
  • 1900 – Free & easy

Day 6 – Sat

  • Outing & shopping in Surabaya

Day 7 – Sun ~ Fly home

  • 0800 – Last breakfast together & straight to airport