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Rinjani & what will come after that?


Me, Arey, Remi, Shuk, Emran & Paei had a TT at Nasi Lemak City Garden Kg Baru last Tuesday. The TT lasted till 2AM!!! We discussed alot about Rinjani trip. I think I got some idea about the trip already. The summit is not hard, as what mentioned to me by Arey. But the climb to Plawangan 1 mebbe tough. Arey is trying hard to get best deal to accomodate the not-so-orang-gunung trip to Rinjani. He is planning to get a package with at least 8 porters & they will carry almost everything except our camera. He even thinking to get them to provide food & mattress….woohooo….That’s cool man…. :D And we need to fly to Lombok. All in all, maybe…and only maybe the cost around RM700.

OK…apart from the continuos attempts to ‘rachun’ Emran to join us….we also discussed about our next trip after Rinjani. Few places came into the discussion:

  1. Santai trip to Surabaya-Bromo-Idjin (3-4 days will do) – we realized that there are many photography opportunities even around Bromo
  2. Exclusive trip to Nepal (invitation only) – I can manage this
  3. Another trip to Vietnam – somehow, I am not that interested (esp. after looking at Remis’ pictures – I blame Remi for that)

We also talked about ABC to Himalaya but that remained as empty talk only as we don’t think we will be able to pay RM20K for the permit.

Java Mountains II: An extraordinary trip!

Alhamdulillah, the nine of us succesfully conquered Mount Lawu! We went to various places but I am not able to write the story now due to work commitment. This is a pix at Bromo for a teaser….

p/s This pix was taken from inside the moving jeep.

Java Mountains: Change of itinerary

Arey is not able to join us from 30th July because he has to attend an important interview. Since he never climb Mount Lawu & we need him for the hiking, we have decided to change the itinerary to accommodate his delayed arrival.

Day 1 – 30th July (Wed)
0900 – ETA at Solo Airport

Option A (tourist mode)
1000 – 1200 – Travel to New Selo
1200 – 1400 – Check in into an apartment there, solat & lunch
1400 – 1600 – Waterfall Gedung Kayang
1600 – 1800 – Keteb Pass – to view Mount Merapi
1800 – 2000 – Photo outing around New Selo
2000 – Rest

Option B (Orang Gunung mode)
1000 – 1500 – Travel to Wonosobo, then to Dieng Plateau (2000m absl). Lunch on the way (KIV Boyolali). I think we don’t need to trek to the top…I think. It’s a famous tourist area
1500 – 1700 – Photo shooting
1700 – Not sure where we will sleep/camp, but surely somewhere there…but good if we can sleep at Magelang so that we can catch sunrise from Borobudur…..how I wish

Update: On a 2nd thought, can we just overnight at Dieng? I read here that the sunrise is superb! And also something about Dieng…

Ok, to go to Dieng Plateau, you can fly from Jakarta to Yogyakarta (50 minutes only), then rent a car to go straight to Dieng. It takes about 5 hours by car. There are not many nice hotels to stay in Dieng, since it’s a small village. The best one is called Wisma Perkebunan Tambi, which is located right in the middle of tea plantation. Very beautiful!

You can also stay in Wonosobo, the nearest town from Dieng Plateau. There are more choices for hotels and places to stay. The scenery is also beautiful since the town is surrounded by mountains..  Oyeah, don’t forget to try its famous noodle called “Mie Ongklok”!

Source here.

Day 2 – 31st July (Thu)
0800 – 1000 – Travel to Magelang, breakfast at Boyolali (soto Mbek Ngiyem)..slurpppp (may have to miss Boyolali if we come from Jogja…arghhhh…..)
1000 – 1300 – Visit Borobudur
1300 – 1600 – Travel to Jogja, lunch & checkin at a hotel there
1600 – 1700 – Pickup Arey at the airport
1700 – 2000 – Free & easy (jalan2 bandar Joqja), dinner & rest

Day 3 – 1st August (Fri)
0800 – 1200 – Travel to Malang Madiun Magetan (Basecamp Cemoro Sewu)
1200 – 1400 – Lunch, packing (should carry essential items only…er, what’s not essential? Yelar, things like charger, power adapter etc)
1400 – 2000 – Trekking Mount lawu (6 jam tuh!!)
2000 – Rest at Sendang Drajat Camp

Day 4 – 2nd August (Sat)
0500 – 0600 – Climb the summit
0600 – 0700 – At the summit (shoot sunrise beb….. and solat Subuh jangan lupa. Then breakfast)
0700 – 1300 – Descend to basecamp
1300 – 1500 – Rest a bit, lunch, packing again
1500 – 2200 – Travel from Sarangan to Malang & to Bromo
2200 – Dinne & camp at Bromo

Day 5 – 3rd August (Sun)
0400 – 0700 – Should be at Penanjakan to shoot sunrise!!
0700 – 1200 – To Bromo crater
1200 – 1400 – Back to Malang
1400 – 1700 – Maybe we can go to Surabaya & overnight there, so that we have ample time to catch our flight the next day

Day 6 – 4th August (Mon)
0730 – 0800 – Drive to airport
0835 – Balik!!!


  1. Map of Central Java
  2. Map of East Java

Fina itinerary at Remi’s blogsite.

Who were there at City Garden to discuss about the trip yesterday?

Yelar…discussion la sangat. Altogether rasanya 12 bungkus nasi lemak jadi mangsa.

So finally, we will only climb one mountain…heh heh heh…..which is Lawu. What a santai trip…