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What Tilopa is not?

I bought this expensive camera backpack for awhile now. The bag is great but it is not suitable for travel photography. It is good for outdoor photography though. I normally find it very good for my hiking & short days camping. I am happy to use the bag for my regular Panorama Hill climb. But for my oversea trip, I had to leave the bag at home.

The bag is too small for the main backpack but too big to carry into the plane’s cabin.

During our recent 7 days Indonesia travel, I wish I can use the bag at Mt Bromo & Mt Ijen. But I didn’t bring it because the size issue. I will never put my camera bag inside the plane’s luggage.

So now…..I have another excuse to find a complementary bags….or maybe ‘just’ camera pouch……ThinkTank holsters are in my mind, together with the harness & belt.

Lowepro Primus: My simple feedback

Rather than a full review, I just better give a simple feedback about this bag.


  1. The size is just right for a 5’9″ male Asian like me. I wear it almost everyday now. Even though it is not really meant to carry notebook, but I can accommodate my 12″ Dell Latitude D430 with its extended battery inside the upper compartment.
  2. It feels light. Not sure whether its psychology or what, but it does feel light.
  3. Damn cun (beautiful) if not cool! :D


  1. I am able to put in my D3 with 70-200 VR, a 17-35 f2.8 & 85mm f1.4 but that’s it. For flash, I need to use the upper compartment unless I have the slip-lock case. However, with the D3 in the lower compartment, I am not able to take it out via the quick access side opening. No problem with D200 but it is still with some difficulty.

Overall, I am satisfied. The bag is not big. Enough to carry travelling setup but not for a serious photography outing where you would want to carry the complete arsenal of gears.

Camera bag muse III

No worry, I am not going to purchase another bag. I just wanna share this new brand of camera bag that I found in the net. It’s Kinesis Photo Gear. It has many bags cater for people on the move. Modular in concept.

The brocure available here.