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The new Nokia N97 really excites me, especially when I see no sign of Palm Pre coming to Malaysian soil. But when I realised that the RAM is lower the RAM in E71, I decided to let it go. Simply not worth it. Huge memory for storage but lack of speed. Multitasking is not impressive in E71, what more in N97! But some say that the slow CPU & low RAM is to reduced the battery consumption…..

Just google E71 vs N97, you’ll find a lot of blogs about the comparison. The good news is E72 is coming with 250MB internal memory!!! (well it can’t beat N97 32GB memory tho’)

E71 rocks!

E71 yet another new firmware

It’s version 300.21.012 and I have updated mine. So far so good. You can download via your Garmin PC Suite or from here. But I did mine using the automatic procedure. Need to install the apps one by one.

Threaded SMS on E71

I have been looking for a good threaded sms apps like the one in my Palm Treo (650 & 680). Tried Nokia Conversation (still in Beta) but it is too buggy. It is tied to phone’s contact & after few messages, maybe around 50-100 messages, it will start very slow. And most irritating is when trying to access the phone contact…..it takes ages. At the end, I remove Conversation. Those who gave good rating for the application are the ones that didn’t use it to the max.

Next in the line is SMS Chat. The version for E71 is here. Function wise is OK. No slow down etc but I don’t like the interface. And it’s complicated too. 

Another similar app is SMS Diary. Again, I don’t like the interface & the font is quite small for my liking & the separation from you & your contact is not that clear.

I wanna try something else….Ultimate SMS…and few others but my wish is for Nokia to perfect its Conversation. Or I just dump Symbian, and go for Palm Pre which is due very very soon.