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The Frasers Hill, Cameron Highland and a century ride

It has been awhile. No update. Nothing to share. After Ramadhan, I went to Chiang Mai for SeaSuckers retreat. Managed to climb its famous Doi Suthep. Doi means mountain in Thai. However it was only 900m high within 14km distance. Pretty steep but alhamdulillah all of us reached the destination. I was there for 5 days. Staying in a luxury villa.

Then I went to Frasers Hill. This time I already upgraded to a compact crank & it really helped me climbing better. I didn’t have to stop pedalling to reach the top. And no more cramp.

Then there was another ride to Cameron Highland. This time we started from Sungai Koyan. The total distance was 80 km. I did not have problem this time even though I did not manage to break my own personal record climbing the mountain.

And I did another century ride. This time in Terengganu. Managed to clocked sub 5 hours. But the relatively flat route contributed to that achievement.

Fraser’s Hill – Done!

Added another milestone to my cycling log. Cycled from Bentong to Fraser’s Hill with fellow friends from Kuantan & Bentong. Managed to climb in almost 3 hours time. Not an impressive achievement but it is indeed a great experience.

The road condition was not great. Rough surface & so many cracks on the rode. The last 8KM climb was fun. More mental than physical I would say. I stopped many time. I must learn how to control my cadence. It was too high. Should use heavier gear.

Birding after a hiatus

I have not been shooting birds for ages. The hobby started with Common myna around my house to friendly birds at Fraser’s Hill…and I stopped there. Mainly because, I realized that bird photography require a lot of patience if one want to be serious on it. Birds at Jelai Resort are not enough. These birds are human-friendly. One Long-tailed sibia even perched on my tripod when I was shooting! That’s right…when I was using the camera.

For the real wild bird, I even failed to capture good kingfisher’s picture despite many attempts.

Nevertheless the recent photo outing with friends there at Fraser’s was a blast! We had a lot of fun! The spiders & birds were amazing. However food & the rooms were not good.

These are some photos I capture there.

[nggallery id=3]

What are the gear I used?

I brought the two Nikon camera that I have, D3 & D300s. The best setup was D3 + Nikkor 300mm f2.8 + Nikon Teleconverter 1.7 + SB-800 without flash-extender. Best here mean, able to produce sharper pictures. Even though D300s has the 1.5 crop as the advantage but its AF is inferior compared to D3. The setting depended on the time but I tried to maintain aperture at F6.3-8. Speed circa 1/300s with auto-ISO mode on, set max to 3200 for D3.

I also used my D300s + 70-200 VRI. Quite similar setup but auto-ISO max was set at 1600.

For the tripod, both Feisol + Markins M20 & Fotopro + Photoclamp ballhead performed well! Even Fotopro can handle my D3 + 300mm. However its smaller diameter legs caused me to choose Feisol instead for assumed stability.

I also hooked my Phottix GPS on my D3 & Nikon cable release for the other.

I find the setups I have are OK for bird photographer ‘wannabe’ like me. The ideal should be sturdier tripod complete with gimbal head & flash extension holder and longer lens.