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Should I buy a Leica?

Crazy isn’t it? About to go for hajj & still thinking about camera. Actually I want to have a good compact camera. So far all point & shoot cameras that I have are disappointing. The Olympus mju1030SW is for underwater photography & very poor for everything else.

Then I got to know about Leica D-Lux 4 with a tagline ‘son of M8′. M8 is known as the best digital rangefinder….in fact, actually it is more of the most expensive rangefinder rather than the best camera….with the price of more than 20K with a 50mm lens. D-Lux 4 technology is also available in Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. Exactly the same spec! The differences are only cosmetic (and built quality of course) and the firmware. From my readings, the RAW D-Lux 4 is far better than LX3. Some samples given in the net are pretty impressive for the Leica. D-Lux 4 shipped with a good RAW software. At the moment D-Lux 4 RAW is not supported by Adobe RAW, therefore RAW files can’t be opened using Photoshop.

Both LX3 & D-Lux 4 are said to be good at low lite condition. The main disadvantage is their tele (max 60mm). With aperture from 2-2.8, these compacts can deliver impressive photos.

Examples for Leica are here and LX3 here.

Now the price…..LX3 is about RM1700 & D-Lux 4 is RM2899!!! Almost the price of Nikon D90 body! And definitely more expensive than D80.

Should I buy?

Astargfirullah…..I have decided that I’ll postponed the intention till I got back from my hajj :D Don’t want to spoil my niyyat of going there. Just bring whatever I have because that is not my aim to go to Mecca.

Extra reading: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/cameras/leica-m8-revisited.shtml

My Hajj Journal Part 5

Yesterday we attended the last serie of hajj talk for IIUM Hajj programme 1429 H. Again, it was a useful talk especially the talk by Prof Sano. As usual withy his smiling face & soft voice, he related to use the story of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) & his family in obeying Allah’s command….starting when Ibrahim (pbuh) at an old age had a son, Ismail (pbuh). He loves Ismail so much so that Allah strated to test him. He had to leave Ismail with his wife, Hajar (pbuh) in an empty dessert, no known as Mecca, with no source for life whatsoever. The sacrifice of heart & physical was so great from all of them. The run from Safa & Marwa is now made compulsary for all those who want to perform hajj. When Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) completed his dakwa in Jurusalem, 15-17 years later, he was ordered to return to his family. Can you imagine how happy a father will be when he see his child, his only child after 15-17 years of separation? But again Allah (SWT) tested him……he was ordered to slaughter Ismail! All the act from Arafah to Muzdalifah to Mina…..the throwing of stones to the shaitan….are all now the compulsary acts in hajj.

Dato’ Sano completed his talk by saying that, all of us now go for hajj with our very own ‘Ismail’. We want to sacrifice….or remove many bad things that we have…..along the way we will be tested. Our heart will be tested…..our physical will be tested…our emotion will be tested. Tests coming from people around us, occasionally people who are very dear to us….or even people who we never met before. Tests from the environment, from anywhere.

At the end of the session, we were given our e-ticket, medical supply, passport with visa & bank draft. We are ready to for hajj…..

O Allah, grant us the strengths to endure your test. Please forgive our sins. Maintain us in iman. Please accept our hajj.

My Hajj Journal Part 4

Alhamdulillah, attended the 2nd hajj course conducted by IIUM Mosque last Satudray. In the morning Dr Zaini showed us pictures from the last year hajj. It was indeed extremely helpful. So many advises & tips given. I remembered two important things……”waiting & waiting & waiting”…..and ” patient….patient & patient”.

The next session was a briefing by Dato’  Dr Sano Khotoub, the person in-charge for IIUM Hajj 1429H, who is also the Deputy Rector. Altogether 65 people will join the hajj this time round. 53 will depart on 13th Nov & the remaining on 29th Nov.  We will go straight to Mecca to avoid the crowded Medina that time. We will be staying in one of the Mawaddah Hotel, according to Dr Sano, about 200m from Masjidil Haram.

He explained about the importance of sabar & teamwork. Doing things in jamaah. One thing whic he stressed is doing everything right. The best hajj is not ifrad or tamattu’ or qiran…..it is a hajj which was perfectlt performed & that achieved the objective. A hajj that transform a person….. to a better muslim.

So many things learnt…..may Allah SAW grants me the streangth to endure this pilgrimage.

And today me & wife bought few necessary things for hajj. So many things available at Mydin. Bought some medicines too. Even though there will be 6 medical doctors in the group, but there will be no official medical team. Members are advised to bring their own medicines. All doctors will help as much as possible using whatever available.