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The interstate ride. Our very own version

I was inspired by PCC Interstate that I joined last year from Kajang to Kuala Pilah to Muar to Johor Baharu. So I decided to have our own version. A shorter distance was covered in just 2 days from Kuantan to Desaru. Eight of us from Kuantan together with around another 7 riders from Maran Cycling Club (majority juniors) started the journey from Kuantan at about 8:15AM. My original plan was to stop only at Nenasi, but since many had not had their breakfast, we stopped at Pekan. We reached Nenasi at about 12:30 afternoon. After 30-45 minutes there, we continued the ride to Rompin. We were crusing slowly at around 30-32 kmh allowing some juniors to keep up. In Rompin, we had our lunch, solat & even a quick shower. The next 50KM was fun especially after Endau where the road was rolling instead of the 130KM super flat previously. We stopped at La Bella Resort in Air Papan, Mersing forthe night.

On Day 2, we started the journey along the scenic road of Air Papan, took our breakfast and immediately after Mersing town the tougher route started! It was a never ending rolling from Mersing to Sedili. Few Johor friends, helped us. We can’t thank enough Joe from Joeleney Bike and others for the assistance. From Sedili (my kampung actually), we rode another 40-45KM along the coastal rough tarmac plus few more climbs under the scorching hot sun to Desaru. We finally decided to go to Tg Balau to complete the ride. In total we cycled more than 320KM!!


I completed the 420KM PCC Interstate 2012

Since starting cycling in mid 2010 I have been longing to participate in the Interstate for years. Missed the one crossing East-West Highway and the trans Cameron Highland ones.

Thanks to Zali, Dr Azmi & all BJCC (Bukit Jelutong Cycling Club) who allowed me to tag with the team for 2012 interstate from Kajang to Johor Baharu.

On Friday, 27th April, I took a leave. Prepared things for the long ride. I managed to install my new bottom bracket bearings from Enduro Real World Cycling (RWC) I ordered online, tuned my gearing even got a new Botrager XXX wheelset. Unfortunately just before I left for KL, my car won’t start. Spent over a thousand MYR to get the fuel pump, fuel filter & a sensor in the bonnet replaced. One good thing tho’, because of the delay, I managed to get the riding plate holder I ordered from Sayuti from Bike Tech Subang the day before. After Marghrib prayer I departed from my house.

About 11PM I reached Taufik’s house in Bandar Tun Hussien Onn. It was an OK drive. The traffic were not that heavy. Taufik gave me my IS goodies pack & I started to mount the riding plate, tune the bike again, fill up the bottles with water (and Hammer Fizz), charge Edge800 & my Jabra Sport earphones. Taufik also loan me his BJCC Coca Cola jersey.
The next day, after Fajar’s prayer Taufik’s wife sent us to Presscot Hotel in Kajang we started the ride. There were alreadt a lot of people. The event was a simple one. No VIP, no politician, no special ceremony. Just a bunch of cracy guys (& gals) who want to torture their butt for hours.

On Day 1, we were served the hills! I did Broga once, so I somewhat can predict what are coming, but the first Madom’s climb was pretty tough. A very steep climb but since I was still fresh I managed the climb well. The next Madom & the Broga were OK but I did stop to catch some breath.

I was seperated with the group actually. I was behind & not sure where was the next stop. And I didn’t recognise the support cars. So I just cycled alone till Kuala Klawang where I refilled my water at Shell. Later only I knew that the group stopped at Petronas! The other petrol pump.

I did stop for breakfast about 20Km after Klawang. A BJCC, Syahiful joined me. From there we rode together until we reached another climb at KM80. Then we separated again as Syahiful had his knee problem & can’t cycle too fast. Again I was alone. The ending was unexpected. The route in the kampung, housing areas…just to punish us with more climbs! That was when I had the cramp! Thanks Azhar aka Atan from BJCC/PCC who offered me the analgesic spray.

When we arrived, we were told to put the bike in a hotel. That was the first time I left my bike in a common area. But I was not worry as there were many more expensive bikes also left at that area.

In day 2, we rode from Kuala Pilah to Muar. An easy 130 KM ride for me. This time I was with the average groups. Riding casually 28-32 kmj. Only occasionally I pulled some groups 40-42 kmj.

In Muar, I met my fellow photographer friends, Jasni, Zali & Ali. We had asam pedas that night. I was feeling great. On the last day, a long 170 KM ride from Muar to Pulai Spring, BJCC already decided to ride as one group. It was indeed a good ride especially when strong riders like Razali Mantis, Roy the Captain & Adli pulled 80% of the time. :) I used to lead a draft but somehow I was not comfortable leading BJCC gang. I can’t get the rhythm & struggle to keep the speed stable.

We stopped many times. The heat was the real challenge. After the lunch break, my heart rate seldom went below 160 bpm. Finally, after more than 6 hours cycling we reached Pulai Spring. Instead of only 166KM, these BJCC horses made me cycled extra 8KM!! Nevertheless I enjoyed the ride. Thanks to all BJCC friends. I would say, the best part is to be able to have you guys as friends!

To PCC, thank you for organising the ride. It is not easy to manage 250 crazy cyclist!