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IT & The Change

I am working as an IT Manager in one health academic institution. I manage IT which include the hardware (the easiest part), the software (also easy) and the ‘peopleware’ (the most difficult part). People talk about IT. They talk about how ‘fast’ and how ‘big’ (maybe even how small) the computer they like & they want. They want the fastest processor, fastest internet connection, biggest RAM, biggest harddisk and biggest screen. All these because they are doing ‘critical’ works like entering students’ exam marks, browsing internet to look for research references (apart from reading Malaysiakini & Malaysia Today) and storing all exam questions. Oh yeah, please provide them the external half terrabytes external harddisk too….and 4GB flash drive. Easier to backup all the data. And surely everything should be free.

All these request are fair provided they make full use of those super fast computer & high spec machines. If fast internet is required, then please use email for communication. Use less paper. Don’t print every single thing in the internet. Convert them to PDF (yes! Adobe Acrobat is also given). And more importantly, try to learn how to use all those software & understand the power of internet (apart from reading rumours and political news or viewpoints)! To learn IT, you have to spend some of your time for it. One doesn’t have to know everything about IT. Not all need to know how to design a website. Not everyone need to learn programming or configuring a server. Just know applications that you are using. Microsoft Word for example, when moving to the next page, don’t press ENTER button! Use Page Break!

When IT Talks were conducted, only a handful of staff attended. Yeah, I know, patient will die if you leave them in the hospital unattended. I am a doctor too you know. But not able to attend even one single session from almost 10 sessions planned (for Adobe Acrobat) within one year is not acceptable. No? For me, it is just very clear, it is not important to attend the talk. One, because “I know how to use Adobe Acrobat already!” (“Yup…I know how to embed and use the digital signature, I know how to write & collate comments too…and of course I know the different between the quality of different PDF”. Yeah! Right!). Two, “I am busy”.

Sigh! Now my policy is not to educate people anymore. I don’t think I want to vigorously looking after the infrastructure or resources anymore. Give the department what they want even though the department never learn how to get the fund. It is easy when there is no computer. Just blame the university! Emmm…I’ll definitely do just that.