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Merapi & Merbabu

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Oh my, I did not even create an entry about my back to back mountain trip in Java recently! That’s how unpopular blogging has become. We were there from 15-21st May 2013. Altogether there were 18 of us. Few were first timer hiking a mountain. However 17 from 18 of us, including your truly never tried hiking two mountains in 3 days. Since it has been a while since the trip, I can’t recall everything pretty clear.

Upon arrival at Merapi basecamp in Selo on the 16th May, we went straight away to Pasar Bubrah. We departed at about 3-3:30PM. Yeah, pretty late already. The group split into 3 different pace. I led the first group of 4 people, the middle group, they said led by Jo (ha ha ha) and the sweeper, led by dR Ali. The first group arrived after about 3-4 hours walking. We hiked for almost 4KM & gained slightly more than 1000m. I think the last group arrived around 11PM.

The very next day the weather is not so good, nevertheless we managed to get good photos of surrounding montains. After shooting sunrise, we summit to the peak. Well, actually only one person really reached the real highest point of Merapi. Me, scared of hight, managed to reach to the brim of the crater….and it was really scary indeed. I made it in 56 minutes. The guide said, they normally need around 30 minutes to reach the peak. I was a 500m distance with 200m vertical. The loose sand really make the hike difficult. However it was nothing compared to what I experienced in Rinjani.

After a quick lunch, we descended to Selo. Then we decided to stay in a nearby guest house. It was a nice time to recapitulate what we endured during Merapi hike. It was also a great moment especially to our friends who attempted the mountain for the first time.

The next day, we went to Merbabu basecamp. I can’t remember the name of the village. The scenery during the journey to the basecamp was already very beautiful. We had nasgor (nasi goreng or fried race) as our breakfast. This was my first time to Merbabu. The guide decided to take tje long route to Merbabu basecamp (Savana II). It was a 5-6KM distance with 1100 metre high. I took me about 4 hours to reach Savanna II, just enough to avoid the heavy rain. Most of our friend was however not lucky enough. They had to climb those steep terrain, especially the one just before Savanna I in a heavy downpour. That day, with wet jacket, pants…and not that great food, the mood was pretty bad. But alhamdulillah, the sunrise on the next day was superb! In fact some managed to photograph great milky way before that. I salute them for their perseverance. I was too lazy to stay outside the tent too long. Cold!

The very morning, after an awful breakfast, we summit to the peak of Merbabu. It as relatively longer ascend compared to Merapi but not that steep. The weather was great. My moving time was 20 minutes, but I stopped many times for photo. It was really a great moment being able to complete the Merapi to Merbabu back to back. It was not really tough for most hardcore hiker, but for us, it was a satisfying accomplishment.

Me & Hafizuddin decended from Savanna II at around 1:30PM. Few friends already descended earlier. This time I was not lucky. It started to rain when we were at the last steep descend. We reached the basecamp at about 6PM. We cleaned & ate the dinner before we rode a bus to Magelang. The adventurous part of the trip was considered over when we reached the hotel. The subsequent day, few friends visited Borobudur, while some of us just waited outside. We then travelled to Solo, stayed another night before going back home.

All in all it was a great EXPAT!

The next one will be Semeru….

Next stop, Bromo & Ijen!

Thirteen odd extraordinary people will travel from Surabaya to Bromo to Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) in East Java in March 2010. We plan to stay 2 days in Bromo and spend more time visiting few lakes around the area. Then we will explore few waterfalls and travel to coffee plantation area before we climb Kawaj Ijen. On the way back we will stop at Baluran Safari.

Wish us luck guys.

Borobodur-Dieng-Jogja Exodus Part II

Let’s talk something else than hajj…. :D

Met with few Kuantan Luarbiasa rhodong over a TT yesterday. We started discussing about what to bring to Dieng. Altogether 16 people were already confirmed to go;

  1. me
  2. Ali
  3. Jasni
  4. Alphaman (Big’s friend)
  5. Big & wife
  6. Wanoridz & wife (uDa)
  7. Nizam & wife
  8. Dome
  9. Aji
  10. Mizi
  11. Badang
  12. Syahrin & wife

Dieng is a highland. Maybe colder than Cameron Highland or Genting. Temperature maybe around 12-15C. So what to bring:

  1. Jacket – no need to be too thick
  2. Glove – thin one should do just fine
  3. Socks
  4. Suitable shoes – sandal is OK if you can stand the cold
  5. Snow cap – preferably something to cover ears
  6. 3 pairs of cloths should be enough I think
  7. Torchlight

We are not going to climb any mountain by foot. And we are not going to camp. Therefore no need to bring any tent or sleeping bag. Those couples may need to pay a bit extra (just a bit) if they wanna stay with their wife because for bachelors like us, we will be staying 3 persons in a room usually. But I am not too sure about that.

I estimate the total budget excluding shopping & tickets to Borobudur per person is only 1,000,000 Rp (around RM320-250). I hope I will not have to ask additional Rp from you guys. The ticket to Borobudur usually about 10,000 Rp. Me, Ali & Jasni might not go in. Been there twice already.

As for camera gears, we will be shooting landscape, street & people. So you can figure out what gears to bring. I may just bring a wide angle & a tele. And of course a flash & tripod is important. Yup, you can bring charger together with the adaptor. I know dR ali will bring his macro lens & the fancy lighting system. So those who wish to shoot Indonesian spider can follow suit.

Please remember to bring these important documents:

  1. Passport – valid passport – please check the expiry date
  2. Photocopies of passport – some even colour photocopied & laminated it
  3. A photocopy of the flight ticket – usually not required but better to bring
  4. A photocopy of the insurance – not really necessary in Indonesia

For Kuantan guys, we will be departing to LCCT on Monday 9th Feb early morning (before Fajr). Most likely in 2 cars. Maybe we can park the cars at Badang’s house in Taman Melati & then take Aliran to Sentral before boarding bus to LCCT. Dome will be coming from KT but I guess he will go a day earlier & stay at Aji’s house. Jasni will be travelling from Muar. Syahrin & wife will be coming from KL with Aji & Dome. Make sure be there before 10AM ye guys. Our flight will be at 1:55PM. Max weight for luggage is 15kg. So preferably bring less than 10kg. In case you wanna buy few kilos of purwacheng later :D

Addendum: Check previous posting for detail.