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Organising a huge cycling event. My personal experience

Last July I joined Ipoh Century Ride. Managed to complete the 160KM bicycle ride in more than 5 1/2 hours. Not great. But not bad either.The best is, I enjoyed the event. However I was wondering why there are no such event in east coast of Malaysia?

I kept on musing the idea to have a century ride in Kuantan. I told few friends. Then I created a Facebook event. A century ride scheduled on 28th January 2012. I was expecting only close cycling buddies will join….. but this friend of mine, Azraie, somehow shared it in BaikBike Facebook’s wall! And suddenly so many people from almost everywhere interested to join in! With such response, I asked Azraie again….whether he is willing to help organising such event. He said YES (3 times!).

So there you go….that’s how KUANTAN160 came about!

At first I gathered few close friends in my house on 8th December 2011. I announced the idea & everyone agreed to the it eventhough I can sense some skeptism. I don’t blame them. There were few cycling events that were not so succesful lately and somehow not many cyclist are keen to join anymore. I told them that the event is not a profit oriented event and we don’t get a single sen out of it. We simply wanna see a major cycling event in the East Coast.

At first we put 300 as our target. Meeting after meeting. Planning after planning. Even before we can print the manual, paper based registration form, registration already reaching 400! So we decided to close it at 500. Well….there are now more than 700 registration!

What is our big concern? It is the funding! Many people think with RM100 fee per person, we should have enough fund to run a century ride. Well my friends, it is not enough. For that RM100 per person, we need to prepare the food, water stations, t-shirt, tents, media kit, time chip, all souvenirs, fee for all related permits, tents and honorariums to marshalls, relevant crews & cycling experts. For 750 riders, almost 300 crews needed. We need to liase with so many government agencies. Not many were willing to come in officially until we can proof to them we got the number!

Securing sponsors is another headache. We need them so that we could cut cost. One thing we really wanna do is to give jersey to all riders. That…we failed to do. With the cost about RM60 per piece, it is indeed a costly momento!

Well guys…unfortunately we can’t afford the jersey.




Another cycling milestone

Been cycling a lot now. We did Kuantan-Rompin-Kuantan, a 260KM cycling club ride for 3 times already. Joined many cycling events organised by various parties, big & small. In Pahang or outside.

And for 2012, we plan to organise our very own cycling event in Kuantan. Me & fellow friends from various cycling clubs in Kuantan are now joining force to hold a century ride in Kuantan. A 160KM fellowship ride. Inspired by Ipoh Century Ride.  I really enjoyed the 160KM around Ipoh last time. I wish we could have the same here in Kuantan. InsyaAllah…from the intention just a cycling event between friends, we have decided to make it big. It is still in planning stage but supports received are encouraging.

Please wish us the best. May Kuantan Century Ride 2012 be a success cycling event!


My first Cameron Highland ride…..almost

Yesterday a group of 8 riders from Kuantan, together with another 7 brothers from Raub attempted Pos Betau – Ringlet climb. From Kuantan, on Friday’s night, we stayed at a Youth Dormitory in Kuala Medang. Not great but acceptable place given the mis-communication problem we experienced about the initial booking. The very next day, we met our fellow Raub cyclists at Sungai Koyan during breakfast. There were also few Sungai Koyans’ riders. We thanked them for the breakfast. Unfortunately there was mis-communication, they thought we will start from Sungai Koyan. So only Kuantan & Raubs’ teams went to Pos Betau.



We gathered at Pos Betau & at almost 9AM, after a quick briefing, we started the ride. The first 20KM was an easy 400m ascend. We stopped for re-group & to refill our water. Took some energy food. Then after almost 30 minutes, we continued the ride. The second 20KM was a bit tough but personally I was still feeling great. Took some water. But this time we did not wait for the whole team to arrive as we already waited too long. We continued the journey with few friends still have not arrive.

The last 20KM was HELL! At least for me. At kilometre 45, I had severe cramp! From an average of 2-3 minutes per KM, now I took 5 minutes per KM. The last 15KM was a nightmare for me. Experiencing episodes of cramps involving the entire lower limb. Sprayed pain killer but still to no avail. It kept on coming. Was it because of not enough food? Not enough drink? I am not sure. One by one of my fellow friend overtook me. I could only managed to smile at them. I was not panting, not tired, my heart rate was about 150 bpm…..but my legs just refused to go. In the last 5KM two sweeper cars came & offered me a ride to Ringlet. Obviously the rest were already at Ringlet. But I still refused the offer.



Finally after more than 3 hours in total, minus the pit stops, I reached Ringlet. Still in agony but happy as I managed to complete the ride!

Thanks to everyone. What a great team there. We are no experienced riders, yet slowly we managed to climb more than 1300m!