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I think I need to work really hard this year….

Because I had been poisoned! Badly poisoned……It’s all because of this forum. Go straight to this thread…..where they put all the photos. The rest are gear talks.

And this one guy really had influenced me a lot. He talks with pictures. That sells! Interesting things about his work flow…..

  • Take the shot
  • Download the images into Picassa (great little free program)
  • View them in Picassa
  • Drag the one I want to work on from Picassa to Photoshop
  • Adjust levels
  • Adjust curves
  • Adjust color saturation if needed
  • Dodge and Burn if needed
  • Crop if needed
  • Sharpen if needed
  • If going BW.. make the BW conversion.. then review
  • Save the PSD file
  • Resize for the web
  • Post or Print

Interesting isn’t it….because its pretty standard. No fancy steps. But he also is using Noiseware. Picassa & Noiseware remind me of a friend of mine…

Source: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/704708-post29.html.

And it is very interesting to read his comment about LX3 & D-Lux 4…

If you want to really talk about a status symbol.. let’s look at Rolex. Rolex is about status, Timex is about time. Both of them can tell you exactly what time it is. There is no difference in their output only in the manner in which it is delivered. One screams wealth while the other just says “It’s 1pm”. Time is time and the electronic watches can keep time as well as any Rolex, if not better. I don’t need a diamond studded watch to tell me it’s 1pm but some seem to think such a Power Watch is necessary to make that 2pm appointment.

Leica equipment is extremely well made. Their glass is excellent but the rebranded Panasonics do not have the same level of engineering and workmanship that the M series have. The glass in the 4 is good but not earthshaking in its performance… but it is better than the D-Lux 3. I’m just not sure that justifys such an increase in price over the D-Lux 3. Forget the warranty and software.. that’s just not a big deal. Nice to have but not really needed and I can’t see it bumping the price so high.

As for justifying the purchase of the D-Lux 4, I bought it knowing exactly what it is and exactly how much I was overpaying. Like another poster mentioned, I like my tools to look good and perform well. The DP1 is another example of a good, clean design. It is simple and straightforward in operation. The “skin” of the camera is clean, boxy and black… just the way I like them… I’ve never found the Panasonic style to my liking. So, as far as justificaiton goes, no, that’s not the case at all. I want what I want and as you said.. it is what it is.

This is not an attempt to argue, as that is futile, but rather a bit of a clarification on my thoughts about the pricing.

Source: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/704263-post21.html

And one very very bad thing about this guys! He just bought an M8!! Pros & cons of an M8 is here….. The cons will somehow reduce your lust for a rangefinder. :D