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I did LeTua 100….again!

This time with a better result!

Last year I did the 100km after less than 2 months riding a roadbike. I pushed my bike at all the dragon backs. Now, I am proud to say that the dragon back is pretty easy to handle. Thanks to the extra thousands of KM rides and the compact crankset too!

But that last climb was hell. It was more of mental challenge actually. I finished after 3:42 hours ranking #396. Not that fast but OK lah.

LeTua 100KM Ride

Alhamdulillah, for the first time yesterday I managed to join a mass long distance ride at Bukit Jelutong. It was an event co-organised by LeTua cyling team, Bukit Jelutong Cycling Club and the Bukit Jelutong Residents Association. It was initially targetted for 500 riders but on the day of the event more than 800 people were participating.

I drove my car from Kuantan together with Mr Rahim or better known as Rahim Letua, a person who is active in cycling throughout his life and related to LeTua team as coach.

At 3:00AM, I could not sleep anymore. At 3:50AM I drove & fetched Abang Rahim from his house & by 4:05AM we were on our way to Bukit Jelutong. We reached Sime Darby Pavillion at 7AM. There were already many people coming. We parked our car at the nearby empty field, assembled our bike & quickly went to the starting point. It was my first time participating in such event & I was nervous. My worry was that I haven’t had my breakfast & my calf & thigh were still in slight pain after Bukit Panorama climb the day before.

Before the ride started, I managed to see my friends, Taufik & Azmi Tamil. Both have been riding bicycle for a long time & me still newbie.

At about 8:30AM, the race started. For the first 20KM we rode together in one huge crowd…..I didn’t really like it. Too crowded. Few accidents occurred. Not serious though.

But when the climb started, riders became separated. I can’t remember well, but we cycled through some palm estates & it was simple for me. And I am not sure whether it was before or after the feeding point, that I fell, because of cramp when climbing uphill. Let my Garmin’s cycling report from my Forerunner 405CX tell you the rest of the riding experience….

Since then the ride became hell for me. The hill after hill at KM 60-20 were really killing me. With so much pain on thigh & calf of both lower limbs……I managed only to walked & pushed my bike across several hills. I managed to cycled back only after about 25KM from the finishing line.

Along the way I saw many other people suffering the same fate. Many also had to call for support car to carry them home.

Eventually after 4.5 hours riding (1 hour wasted on walking & nursing the pain) I reached the finishing point.

It was indeed a great experience for me. Thanks to Abang Rahim to register me & also to my fellow buddies, Taufik & Azmi for the chat.

It was not the bike or whatever so expensive components you have. But, mental strength that eventually carry you home!

p/s Sorry, I don’t have many pictures to share.

My bike fitting….a big problem.

I have this impression that my bike’s frame is too small for me. I am using Trek Madone 4.7 52cm (XS) frame.

I believe mine is H2 frame. CC = 50cm, TT = 54cm, stem=120mm.

However when I calculated my fitting size using online application, with my inseam & height, I need around 54″ C-T (seat tube). With the problem of handlebar palsy I am having now after a long ride, plus few comments from experienced fellow riders looking the proportionate of my body & the bike’s size….I am starting to wonder whether I bought the right frame for my size. Thinking of a larger frame, 54 cm size maybe.

But repeated visits to my favorite shop & stages of fitting done by Mr Rahim (a professional coach for state & LeTua’s team)…he said the bike fits me well. So far…apart from the handlebar palsy, the bike is excellent. Well….I don’t have other roadbike to compare with. I just changed the handle bar from 40″ to 44″ carbon. Tested it for just 25KM yesterday & didn’t appreciate any difference. Will test this handlebar on Sunday. Will try to do 80KM ride at least.