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Camera bag muse II

Mat Salo is now in Singapore & I know Lowepro in Kiasuland is cheap. I already ask him to buy me the Toploader 75AW with Chest Harness. Why this toploader?

I wore a TopLoader 70AW for 3.5 months through Nepal, India, and Thailand. It’s a great unit for backpacking since it allows you to have quick access to your camera all while trekking down the trail wearing your backpack. It’s also good for world travel since it keeps your camera firmly attached in front of you (very hard for slashing pickpocketers to lift your camera). The waterproofing cover does double duty by “hiding” the fact that you’re wearing a camera bag. I even wore it to bed with me on the trains (it’s that comfortable). It held my Canon Elan IIe, Canon 28-70mm 2.8L, a Sigma 17-35mm (sideways in the bottom), and my Leica BCA compact binocs (in the bottom zippered compartment). It takes a little getting used to not being able to see your feet while walking but it’s nice being stable while carrying a load. …… I would get the 75AW TopLoader if given a choice- but it wasn’t available when I made my trip. Sourcehttp://photo.net/filters-bags-tripods-accessories-forum/00C1cq

I also wondering what backpack suitable for outdoor since I already sold my Computrekker (rarely I carry notebook during photo outing).

Options are:

1. Lowepro Primus AW. A good review about this bag is available at Firemonkeyfoto.

2. Lowepro Flipside 400AW

Update: 12th Sept 2008 12:49 PM
Thanks to my friend Mat Salo, I bought myself the Primus plus the Toploader 75AW! Alhamdulillah. Thanks MS!

Camera bag talk again

I am still searching for a suitable camera bag for mountain climbing or trekking. And I found this interesting discussion.

I like this opinion….

Matt W , Oct 17, 1997; 01:29 p.m.

I think Ron Goodman had probably one of the best solutions. I was a climber and hiker before I was a photographer. I have search for numerous solutions since taking up photography several years ago and am convinced that there is a better solution than what I have come up with.

I don’t like the backpacks designed for cameras because they seem to have left out the fact that while you are out in the wild you might need more than your camera. When hiking in Big Bend I need to carry lots of water. In Colorado, I’ll carry several layers in case I get caught in bad weather above timberline. Camera bags just don’t give me the flexibility I want. So what I do is find the best backpack I can. Generally, you would want one for serious, several day backpacking, and one for those day trips, which for me seem to be more strenous because I am trying to get somewhere in a short amount of time.

Then what I do is pack all gear, putting the camera gear at the top. I like Rob’s neoprene pouch idea. I need to spend the money on something like that. I usually poor boy it. I slip my lens into a thick sock, stuff it in a Ziplock or stuff-sack and go.

I agree that no camera bag which are available in the market suits real outdoor activity. I tried Lowepro Computrekker AW, Off Trail II & now Inversion 200AW…..all are not good enough.

Having said that, am thinking to buy this bag…