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I am using iPhone now!!

Yeay! I finally took the jump!

Despite all the bad things I heard about iPhone, I went to Maxis Centre on Saturday & bought a 16GB 3Gs iPhone at RM2490 using my Hotlink (prepaid) account. Of course I am not gonna use Maxis line. I am using Celcom…. *evil grin* So tested it for one day & loving the phone despite some rants about it……of which I’ll tell soon.

Yes, the phone is unlocked! So you guys can use it with any line.

It is solid. Very very user friendly. No multi tasking. So? I am OK so far.

What I did to it. I bought &  install few apps.

  1. Power Search - to search contact by letter – USD1.99 – which is a built-in feature in Nokia E71/72
  2. Quickoffice & Connect - USD7.99 – for Office documents – The connect app is free. Its to sync with my docs stored in GoogleDoc. Somehow iTunes can’t sync documents stored in PC.
  3. Pocket Informant – USD?? (forgot) – a calendar replacement – Another frustration – Not able to sync with Outlook! Haiya. The built-in calendar can sync with Outlook tho’ but the calendar itself is pretty basic.

Free useful apps are:

  1. uQuran (not the pro one tho’)
  2. iPray – athan app
  3. XE Converter

I’ll explore more when I have the time.

Oh btw….Microsoft Exchange sync very smoothly with iPhone. So that’s my way to sync my calendar & contact actually. Only that I have to use iPhone basic calendar to access the task & appointments.

And….one more thing….almost forgot about it. The battery life is horrible! Need to bring my mobile charger every where now. I browsed the net for solution, in the Apple website, they recommend us to shut down almost everything to save battery! If that’s the case, then better don’t use all the features. Ntah hapa hapa.

I am a convert!

To Mac!! *evil grin*

With the excuse that my old Dell Precision is getting slow…….and my photo editing is getting sluggish, and not to mention the crashing Windows, I open Apple website & ordered a 27″ iMac with 3.33GHz CPU, 8GB RAM….& 1TB HDD. And I am now a happy little pussy cat (instead of dog lah).

What is my first impression?

WOW!!!!! *speechless*

The screen is so huge! I can’t view the browser at its full width or else I’ll get strabismus. The speed…of course it is faster. Even internet speed is faster. I am not sure why that happens. Maybe there were so many applications running in the background when I were using Windows last time.

However, this Mac is for my photography & photo editing work. I am still more comfortable using Windows & all the relevant apps for my office & statistics works. I am not ready to migrate everything to Mac. It will consume too many time.

An attempt to install Mac in my Dell D430

Yesterday, I suddenly felt like installing my Dell D430 with Mac. I searched for iATKOS 10.5.4 given to me by my colleague ages ago & installed it into the Dell. All using the default setup. In one attempt the Mac booted up very nicely! Wow!

However I got two major problems, the network, both LAN & WiFi are not functioning. So did the sound. I managed to installed necessary kext (Sigmatel 9200) using AppleHDA Patcher 1.2 & now the notebook can sing nicely. I am now desperately searching for the kext for my network devices in Dell D430. Anyone?


OK, I found one solution. This is for my WiFi driver PROSet/Wireless 3945a/b/g. It’s from ocix33 at http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/f180/61609.htm:

I’ve managed to make mine working, but there’s always a BUT.

Card is recognized and is making search for wireless networks available and shows them, BUT these drivers only conect to networks WITHOUT security. This means that only free wireless’s will work.

How to install:

Go to http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/

and download

PROSet/Wireless 3945a/b/g OS X 10.5 SVN latest

now, on your MAC, do the following:

Install the .pkg and when it tells you to press restart DON’T DO IT right away. Wait a minute because Leopard will recognize the card and ask you to go to network preferences. When that happens, press APPLY in network preferences.

Now you can reboot.


After reboot, go to disk manager and make a permissions repair action. After that, reboot again.

Now you can go to Applications folder and start the NetworkSelector app.

Enjoy your wireless device.

BTW the Disk Manager mentioned in the message above is actually Disk Utility available in your Applications/ Utilities folder. This solution didn’t work for me tho’ :(