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Borobodur-Dieng-Jogja Exodus Pre-Report

Just got back from Central Java, Indonesia. Went to Magelang (Borobudur), Dieng Plateau & Yogyakarta with 12 extraordinary friends.


Few simple summary first:

  1. Avoid Aerobus – will move only when full – choose Skybus instead for next trip
  2. Jogja Airport sucks – not friendly immigration officers – racist
  3. The weather was not great during the trip – beyond our will – but still able to enjoy the trip
  4. Magelang is super great – viewing Borobudur from the small hill was a great experience
  5. Borobudur entrance fee is USD12 for foreigner!
  6. Angklok Mee at Wonosobo is super delicious
  7. Dieng is very cold
  8. The view of Mount Sindoro & Mt Sumbing was a great experience
  9. It was raining in Dieng :(
  10. Purwacheng was our official drink at Dieng, but teh hangat is still the favorite
  11. Water heater at Flamboyant homestay needs to be repaired!
  12. There were many ‘Dewa‘ & ‘Dewi‘ in Dieng previously :D
  13. Dieng is a beautiful place – but we should go there in June – August
  14. Pak Sumar, the guide at Dieng is cool
  15. Avoid Berlian Hotel! In fact avoid many hotels in Jogja. The aircond is not cold. But if you pay peanut you’ll get monkey
  16. Batik at Batik Rumah is cheap not so cheap (Edited after correction by Shopping Experts) :D
  17. Bebek goreng (fried duck) at Jogja (can’tr remember the name of the restaurant) was delicious
  18. Having diarrhoea during such trip sucks!
  19. Malioboro is a shopping heaven for many – if you go with wife, spend extra days for shopping – still it won’t be ever enough
  20. View of Mt Merapi from Kaliurang should have been great if not because of the weather.
  21. The bus service that we chartered with its two drivers were great! Always on time. Courteous. Clean bus!
  22. Mas Mukti was a great company. I hope he knows why we laugh at Kue P***s by now
  23. AirAsia always late! Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser is no longer delicious.
  24. It was a great trip nonetheless :D

Pictures later guys! :D

Borobudur-Dieng-Jogja Exodus

Despite busy with preparation for hajj, I managed to get more participants for the trip. Altogather there are so far 13 14 members going to Jogja in February 2009. From 9-13th February. They are myself, Ali, Azraie & wife, Nizam & wife, Idzwan & wife (uDa), Jasni, Badang, Alphaman, Aji, Dome & Mizi. Luarbiasa!! All tickets had been bought. But unfortunately for Aji, Dome & Mizi, their tickets are a bit expensive.

As for the itinerary, after discussions with Mas Huda @ Kaboel, here is the final itinerary:

No worry, we will be using a mini bus instead of the usual Kia Pregio. We still have few vacancies. Those interested please email me immediately preferably before 25th Oct 2008. But the ticket is now about RM458 round-trip inclusive of insurance. I estimate that we still won’t be spending RM1000 each including the air-fare.

Note: During this trip, we won’t be climbing montain on-foot :D but we still will visit few volcano craters on top of Dieng Plateau. Those exrtra-ordinary enough can climb Mount Sindoro at own expense the day we are suppose to tour Dieng & surroundings.

What to bring for this trip? Usual traveling clothings with windbraker & maybe glove, as the temperature at Dieng can reach 10ºC (or lower). No need for Deuters bag here (p/s If Arey is going, I’ll bring my 50L Deuter backpack…. for obvious reason!). No need to wear trekking shoes. I will just wear my Croc Baja. As for photo gear, wide-angle lens & tripod is a must! Landscape is heaven here :D . Treveling lens like 24-70 f2.8 or even kit lens is also important. I don’t think we need to bring tele lens unless for street shooting at Wanosobo, Magelang or Malioboro towns. I guess that are all I can say about this trip.

Java Mountains II: An extraordinary trip! Part II

What had happened? Our van almost broke down. The vans’ brake & clutch plate broke down! That mishap had cost us our plan to go to Dieng Plateau on the first day. Instead we had to go to Jogja to get another van. Therefore, instead going to Dieng, we went to Magelang & visited Borobudur. It was my 2nd trip to Magelang & Borobudur.

Our very first group pix.

Mountains viewed from Borobudur.

The group pix at Borobudur.

I didn’t shoot many pictures at Borobudur. Afterall there was so many people up there.

So after 2 hours or so, we went to Jogja. We went to an outdoor boutique first as some of the group members need to buy extra outdoor gears. Well, I also bought myself portable gas stove. About RM50 each. Yeah, I bought two. Another one for a friend here in Malaysia. We stayed at Twin Trim hotel if I am not mistaken. A simple hotel but a quite expensive (for Indonesian rate). The next morning we went street shooting. I am horrible at street shooting, therefore I will not going to share my shots with you guys.

About 11am, we were already preparing ourself for a trip to Dieng.

Posing for a picture before boarding the van to Dieng. That’s our official drink….Mizone!! (But I didn’t drink even a single bottle for this trip).

We stopped at a small town (can’t recall its name) for solat & lunch. We tried Pak Rahman Soto. Not as tasty as Mbok Giyem soto in Boyolali.

Then we continue our journey to Dieng. Our guide miscalculated the time taken to reach Dieng. He thought only 3 hours but instead we needed 6 hours to reach Dieng Plateau at Wonosobo district. Well, what can we do…..some pictures from inside the van…

We stopped at a small food-stall (warung) at the top of Dieng Plateau…When we reached Dieng, it was already passed Marghrib. We had our dinner & solat here. Now, we have to decide whether we want to stay overnight at Dieng & may compromise our trip to Mount Lawu, because the trip to Mt Lawu (Central Java & East Java border) may take another 6-8 hours. We held a simple meeting & with a majority vote of 4-2 (another 2 members neutral), we decided to go sleep over at Selo Pass & will miss Dieng’s sunrise! :( But we already plan to go to Dieng & to climb Mount Sindoro next year (maybe in February).

To be continue…..