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My Hajj Journal Part 3

Alhamdulillah, attended the first hajj course in IIUM Gombak yesterday. Also got myself meninggococcal injection at the Health Centre for RM65 each jab. After few readings & the course yesterday, also considering our earlt flight to Mecca (instead to Medina), we’ll be doing Tamattu’ hajj instead of Ifrad.

I would summarize the following itinerary for us. Please correct me if I am wrong.

13th Nov
1020 – Departing Kuantan to KLIA – casual attire
1440 – Departing KLIA to Brunei – casual attire
1930 – Departing Brunei to Jeddah – ihram, niyyatul umrah

14th Nov
0155 – Arrive at Jeddah Airport
0400 – Fajr prayer – most likely at the airport
will try to complete umrah this day – tawaf, saei & tahallul

Layout of Masjidil Haram…

Source: http://www.pbase.com/archiaston/image/78574070

For tawaf (circumbulating, 1 circuit = shwt, aswht (pl) ), it is good to know the structure of kaabah & where to start & end tawaf.

Source: http://dalil-alhaj.com/en/intro.htm

15th Nov – 6th Dec (8th Zulhijjah) – approximately for 21 days
infradi amal

6th Dec (8th Zulhijjah)
Know as the day of tarwiyyah. Pronounce the niyyah for hajj. Put back the ihram, depart to Mina & stay overnight there. We will complete all 5 prayers (from Zuhr to Fajr the next day there in Mina). OK, better we know the location of these places well….Note: This is a bit different that what people going with Tabung Haji will do. Tabung Haji will bring the jamaah straight to Arafah instead because overnight in Mina on 8th Zulhijjah is only optional (sunat).

7th Dec (9th Zulhijjah)
After Fajr, we will leave Mina to Arafah & wukuf there till sunset (this is actually THE Hajj!). We will qasar & jama’ Asr into Zuhr here (jama’ taqdim). After sunset – we will start moving to Muzdalifah, qasar & jama’ Marhgrib to Isya’ (Jama’ Taqhir). We will collect 70 pebbles here. We will pray Fajr there & before sunrise, we will move to Mina.

8th Dec (10th Zulhijjah)
This is the busiest day. We will be throwing (al-Ramy) Jamratul Qubra & then tahallul (awal). Now I take off my ihram. Then I must do tawaf (hajj) & saei in Masjidil Haram. Once done these, I have done tahallul akbar & no more bound to any restriction of ihram. After saei, I will return to Mina & stay there till 13th Zulhijjah.

Overall the itinerary for the actual hajj can be summarized as (8) Mecca – (8) Mena – (9) Arafah – (10) Muzdalifah – (10) Mena – (10) Jamratul Qubra – (10) Mecca – (11-13) Jamrah

I’ll stop here first….

My Hajj Journal Part 1

Alhamdulillah, I am going for hajj this year. I am going with IIUM, which is very different than hajj programme organised by Tabung Haji. How do I feel? I am feeling like I am not ready for hajj. Being a workaholics type of person, my schedule is always full. And being the type that always plan for things, the news I received 2 days back that I have to depart 2 weeks earlier than mentioned earlier by IIUM Management was indeed really shocked me! “What! Depart on 13th! I thought end of November or early December!!”, I screamed! But few friends told me that I was lucky because I got the chance to stay longer in Mecca. Then I realised, man can only propose, and God dispose.

Because of the change, I had to postpone one workshop & to send letter requesting exemption from few workshops. I also had turned down few invitation to deliver talk at international conferences. Well, many people told me, Allah tests His servant even before going for hajj.

What shall I do now? First thing first. Just wait for the official letter from management. Than I’ll do the rest. That include:

  1. Meninggococcal  immunisation (no need influenza, as advised by a Professor) :)
  2. To buy related ‘attire’ or ‘equipments’ for hajj & anticipating heat & dust in Mecca, like ihram attire & mask.
  3. To learn how to perform hajj….because as now, I know nothing about it…..

To all my friends, please pray so that Allah gives me strength to endure all the challenges. What I dislike most is crowded place….and I am going to the most crowded place on earth! Second, I don’t like heat…..and I am goin to the hot place! O- Allah, give me the strength!