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The interstate ride. Our very own version

I was inspired by PCC Interstate that I joined last year from Kajang to Kuala Pilah to Muar to Johor Baharu. So I decided to have our own version. A shorter distance was covered in just 2 days from Kuantan to Desaru. Eight of us from Kuantan together with around another 7 riders from Maran Cycling Club (majority juniors) started the journey from Kuantan at about 8:15AM. My original plan was to stop only at Nenasi, but since many had not had their breakfast, we stopped at Pekan. We reached Nenasi at about 12:30 afternoon. After 30-45 minutes there, we continued the ride to Rompin. We were crusing slowly at around 30-32 kmh allowing some juniors to keep up. In Rompin, we had our lunch, solat & even a quick shower. The next 50KM was fun especially after Endau where the road was rolling instead of the 130KM super flat previously. We stopped at La Bella Resort in Air Papan, Mersing forthe night.

On Day 2, we started the journey along the scenic road of Air Papan, took our breakfast and immediately after Mersing town the tougher route started! It was a never ending rolling from Mersing to Sedili. Few Johor friends, helped us. We can’t thank enough Joe from Joeleney Bike and others for the assistance. From Sedili (my kampung actually), we rode another 40-45KM along the coastal rough tarmac plus few more climbs under the scorching hot sun to Desaru. We finally decided to go to Tg Balau to complete the ride. In total we cycled more than 320KM!!


f-stop Tilopa & a rainforest adventure

Brought my f-stop Tilopa to Endau-Rompin tropical rainforest via Peta in Kahang, Johor. I stuffed my Nikon D3, Nikon D300s, Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VR & Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR. I also packed Nikon SB-800 flashlite and a Feisol carbon fibre tripod attached with Markins M20 ballhead. Apart from camera gears, I also brought few pairs of dry cloths, a Coleman weather-lite two-man tent, sleeping mat & another Deuter daypack for my water bladder & some food.

Everything was over 25kg!

Tilopa did not perform well. It was not ergonomic enough to carry all the load. Again I blame on its poor waist support & shoulder straps. The load was not resting on my waist but instead on my shoulders…..and it was indeed painful. I can carry all those load for about 2-3 hours. Then every step became too painful to bear. The straps to hold sleeping mats, tripod & tent were also not strong enough & I have to tighten them once a while.

I don’t think I’ll use Tilopa again unless for a short simple outing that requires me to bring the same setup but not that tough.

A proper outdoor bag like Deuter is better for such trip. And I may just use its internal compartment unit together with my Deuter Quantum 55+10L.