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My Hajj Journal Part 4

Alhamdulillah, attended the 2nd hajj course conducted by IIUM Mosque last Satudray. In the morning Dr Zaini showed us pictures from the last year hajj. It was indeed extremely helpful. So many advises & tips given. I remembered two important things……”waiting & waiting & waiting”…..and ” patient….patient & patient”.

The next session was a briefing by Dato’  Dr Sano Khotoub, the person in-charge for IIUM Hajj 1429H, who is also the Deputy Rector. Altogether 65 people will join the hajj this time round. 53 will depart on 13th Nov & the remaining on 29th Nov.  We will go straight to Mecca to avoid the crowded Medina that time. We will be staying in one of the Mawaddah Hotel, according to Dr Sano, about 200m from Masjidil Haram.

He explained about the importance of sabar & teamwork. Doing things in jamaah. One thing whic he stressed is doing everything right. The best hajj is not ifrad or tamattu’ or qiran…..it is a hajj which was perfectlt performed & that achieved the objective. A hajj that transform a person….. to a better muslim.

So many things learnt…..may Allah SAW grants me the streangth to endure this pilgrimage.

And today me & wife bought few necessary things for hajj. So many things available at Mydin. Bought some medicines too. Even though there will be 6 medical doctors in the group, but there will be no official medical team. Members are advised to bring their own medicines. All doctors will help as much as possible using whatever available.