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The new Nokia N97 really excites me, especially when I see no sign of Palm Pre coming to Malaysian soil. But when I realised that the RAM is lower the RAM in E71, I decided to let it go. Simply not worth it. Huge memory for storage but lack of speed. Multitasking is not impressive in E71, what more in N97! But some say that the slow CPU & low RAM is to reduced the battery consumption…..

Just google E71 vs N97, you’ll find a lot of blogs about the comparison. The good news is E72 is coming with 250MB internal memory!!! (well it can’t beat N97 32GB memory tho’)

E71 rocks!

Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Ver. 5.00.50

Referring to the old post about Garmin XT on S60, the latest Garmin XT is already available here. I downloaded it & installed it into my E71, overwriting the old version (v20). Along the way I was asked to overwrite the old files & to close certain apps of which I just pressed OK.

And that just it. I am now using the latest Garmin Mobile. No need to enter the serial number again. There are some extra features & I am yet to try them.

Update: I am no longer use Symbian S60. I am on iOS4. Sorry guys. Bye bye Garmin XT. You are still the best but there is none for iOS4….so I am using the lousy Papago instead.

E71 new firmware update….

Updating mine to 210.21.006 firmware…..Hope everything goes well….