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My Malaysian Brown E72 became Euro’s version

The new firmware for E72 i.e. version 22.007 finally came out. But it was not yet available for my Malaysian E72. I already know that in order to get my phone updated I need to change its product code from the existing one to European’s code (I changed to 0584221). The list of code for E72 is available here (I have corrected the link! Sorry guys). I make sure I jot down the code numbers (well just copy & pastelah in today’s era isn’t it? :D ).

I downloaded & installed Nemesis Service Suite (NSS, beta & free). Restarted my PC, connect my E72 to the PC using PC Suite mode. Go to Phone Info & click Read. All my phone informations are there. Then in the product code box, I entered the European’s Code that I like & then just click Write. Everything finished in less than 30 seconds.

Then I upgraded my new European’s E72 to the new firmware using Nokia Software Updater.

Downloading took some time as usual according to Streamyx’s 1 mbps package reputation. But once done, I thought nothing had happened because I need not to reinstall everything back as what happened with my upgrades previously. But when I dial *#0000# my firmware has already changed & the best part is I believe that the miss-character-when-typing-fast has gone! Yeaa!! I am not sure what else this new FW did to my phone. I am yet to explore the difference but when the typing bugs disappeared I am already very happy!

Nope….the new FW only lessen the missing-character bug a bit but it is still there. Must wait for a major FW upgrade! So……what did this new FW improve? I don’t know!!!

E72: My first impression

Yeehaa…..! Finally I chose Nokia E72 over the iPhone. The main reason is $$$ vs. specs. It is so obvious that E72 is so much cheaper compared to iPhone & has so many features compared to iPhone. What iPhone might has that is better then E72 (and Symbian S60 v3) is its look, feel & ease of use…..well…maybe.

I bought Zitron’s phone with one year warranty & has the compatibility with Chinese character. I prefer unit without the feature but my worry with AP sets is the firmware upgrade. Some of my friends with E71 AP set last time has to wait longer for their phone to be able to download the latest firmware.

OK now….what is my impression of this E72?

Form Factor

Maybe because of familiarity………I feel E71 is better. E72 is slightly heavier & bulkier. And it felt less solid than E71. One major contributory factor is the battery cover. E71 has clips (or latch) on both side of the cover compared only one (at the centre) for E72. This cause E72 cover to move & felt loose whenever I use the phone.

The keyboard is better than E71. It is more responsive or tactile than E71. But I need to get use with the smaller space bar.

The optical Navi key also need some familiarization. I prefer to switch it off  for the time being.

The new arrangement for top buttons and menu or icons arrangement also need some time before I am confortable with it.

The sim card tray is way cool than E71. Yup, it has the tray now as compared to E71 but I am not the type that swap my simcard that often, so this feature is not that important to me.

The mini USB and microSD card covers are different than E71. I prefer the rubber type of E71. The flash light function is cool. Maybe useful somehow but that is something I don’t really use every day.

USB charging!

Yes!! Now I need not to bring my charger. I can now charge my phone with only my USB cable. And that is so cool. Well…most phone now already have such feature….but not having one in E71 is troublesome especially when E71 battery is pathetic. I need to charge daily basis & sometimes it didn’t even last half a day if I forgot to close some apps that were using 3G.

What’s inside!

The battery! This is one good thing I read about E72 & I am now testing its capability with my maps on, bluetooth on, 3G on….. :D

Memory is huge man! Now I install almost everything in the phone memory.

Internet seems faster than E71.

The 5MP camera is better. Now no need to press keypad number 2 to focus…it has autofocus feature now.

The firmware is 021.024.246 and it still has the ringtone bug like E71.

GPS performance seems no different than E71. Reception is also the same.

The font is not! E71 font is better. I need to use larger font size so that it looks better for my 40+ years eyes.


E72 is a minor upgrade from E71. I would say E71/E72 are great business phone. You won’t be wrong with either one of them. I still hope Nokia fix & finally release its threaded sms i.e. Nokia Conversation. That is one major feature for every phone in the world. One feature that almost make me to buy iPhone…..

Palm Pre, you might loose a potential user

It has been a while since Palm announced Palm Pre with WebOS….and it has been like forever waiting for the GSM model to arrive to our shore. I bought a E71….not once but twice already & still no sign of this Pre. Nokia now have N97……but I am still able to suppress my ‘gadget-freak’ desire to swap my E71….but when E72 is about to surface……I don’t think I can hold the urge any more.

Plenty of pictures on E72 here….