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023.002 Firmware for E72

Yes, to my surprise today my Ovi Suite prompted me that I have a new software for my phone! Yes….and now I am updating it as I write this blog.

This is my second attempt actually. The network is slow.

However when I checked the update using Nokia Software Updater via Nokia PC Suite, there is still no update for my phone. Only when using Ovi Suite I have the option to download it.

Update: Able to download the FW but failed to install into the phone. The phone keep on disconnecting & crashed. Too busy to find the solution.

My Malaysian Brown E72 became Euro’s version

The new firmware for E72 i.e. version 22.007 finally came out. But it was not yet available for my Malaysian E72. I already know that in order to get my phone updated I need to change its product code from the existing one to European’s code (I changed to 0584221). The list of code for E72 is available here (I have corrected the link! Sorry guys). I make sure I jot down the code numbers (well just copy & pastelah in today’s era isn’t it? :D ).

I downloaded & installed Nemesis Service Suite (NSS, beta & free). Restarted my PC, connect my E72 to the PC using PC Suite mode. Go to Phone Info & click Read. All my phone informations are there. Then in the product code box, I entered the European’s Code that I like & then just click Write. Everything finished in less than 30 seconds.

Then I upgraded my new European’s E72 to the new firmware using Nokia Software Updater.

Downloading took some time as usual according to Streamyx’s 1 mbps package reputation. But once done, I thought nothing had happened because I need not to reinstall everything back as what happened with my upgrades previously. But when I dial *#0000# my firmware has already changed & the best part is I believe that the miss-character-when-typing-fast has gone! Yeaa!! I am not sure what else this new FW did to my phone. I am yet to explore the difference but when the typing bugs disappeared I am already very happy!

Nope….the new FW only lessen the missing-character bug a bit but it is still there. Must wait for a major FW upgrade! So……what did this new FW improve? I don’t know!!!

E72: After 5 days

It is a poorly built phone!!

If I type fast, some character will be missed. I need to go back & enter the character. It was not there with E71. Some users reported the problem only limited with the keys on the numpad.

As mentioned in my previous post, E71 has a solid built. Not E72. The battery cover is loose. The keyboard especially the bottom part near the mic is also loose.

I taped my phone with gaffer tape to stop the ‘moving’ cover.

Bugs are everywhere. Especially in multimedia department. The gallery is slow, super slow & RealPlayer crashed many times & even reset my phone.

I wanna repair the loose part & tried to send it to Zitron (the distributor in Malaysia) & to my amazement, I can only send it during office hours where else those AP sets can be repaired even during weekends. So guys, instead of buying Zitron sets, just buy CSL or any AP sets. The warranty is longer & the repair is easy. The best part is, it is cheaper!

Many feel that the phone is disappointing. Me too. The E71 is a great phone. I bought the same phone again after I lost one in Medina in Dec 2008. So finally, after all these frustrations, should I keep my E72? Unfortunately the answer is YES. Because I still hope especially the ‘miss-character syndrome when typing’ will be gone with the new firmware. So Nokia please release the best firmware for this potentially great smartphone.