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My notebook crashed again!!

Haiyya…..it happens again. Dell Latitude D430 crashed again. Can’t explain how horrible I feel at the moment.

My notebook crashed again! Reason for a change?

I have been using notebook since 1998. My first notebook is NEC Versanote. Later I changed to Toshiba Satellite, the Dell Inspiron (2 models), IBM Thinkpad (2 models), Dell Latitude D420 & now Dell Latitude D430. The best notebook ever is IBM Thinkpad!

With Thinkpad, I rarely need to reformat the notebook. The system & driver update was very convenience & fast. All over the net, done automatically. Now with Dell Latitude, I need to reformat, maybe once in every 2 months! And today I am reformatting it again! Sigh!

I am a very heavy user of notebook & I rarely shut down the system. I run all major statistical packages from SAS 9.1.3 with Enterprise Guide, SPSS 15 & 16, Stata 9.2 and Stata 10. I tried Microsoft Vista, and I don’t like it. Its slow. In Malay….slow giler! Now using Microsoft XP SP3 with Office 2007 and full Adobe CS3 Suite.

All the recent notebooks are ultra-portable because I travel a lot. But that had caused me poor processor capability. With the latest Latitude, the harddisk is 1.8″ 4200 RPM which make the speed even worse. Thinking to change to the latest Thinkpad X300 with SSD 64GB which I reckon will run pretty fast. The only problem is $$. I have to find another 10K to change the system. Must start looking for biostat consultation job to finance this change I guess :)