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D3 or D200? Or Olympus?

Which camera should I bring to Rinjani? I prefer D3 for its quality but D200 for its weight….. Leica D-Lux will definitely go but P&S is P&S whatever brand.

But recently I come to know about Olympus E-P1, the new Micro Four Third camera. Interchangeable ‘compact’ camera.

Picture from www.dpreview.com.

In-depth review about the camera is available at www.dpreview.com.

The E-P1 is, essentially, an Olympus E-620 (and by extension an E-30 in most respects) crowbarred into a compact, rangefinder-style body. Aside from the changes necessitated by the removal of the mirror and optical viewfinder – and a slight firmware upgrade (for new live view features, improved image processing) it is as fully fledged as any mid-range SLR. This is quite an achievement. ~ www.dpreview.com

I am not sure whether the camera is available in Malaysia yet, but it is pretty an interesting camera. The image quality is not superior that other SLR but I believe it is better than any P&S.

And I found this is D3/D700 dpreview forum:

I’ve said it for several years now: price is NOT a factor. First one to sell a very high quality compact wins. The EP-1 will sell out is my prediction.

So, why do I say price isn’t an issue? Because EVERY, and I mean every, pro and serious DSLR shooter is looking for a quality compact to keep with them all the time. You don’t carry you 5-pound D3+24-70mm to the mall, on errands, while walking your kid to the park, and a host of other things. You carry a compact. And the compacts we have are okay in bright light, marginal at lots of things.

The only issue to look at with the EP-1 is image quality. If it is DSLR level or close, and if the Olympus tradition of fine lenses continues for m4/3, Olympus has a clear winner.

I’ve been saying this for years now. I outlined how I would do it. And I’ve always said that price isn’t a factor. Do it right, that’s what everyone is waiting for. In the meantime, the “best” compacts, such as the LX3 completely sell out, too. Get a clue camera makers, get a clue.

Thom Hogan
author, Complete Guides to Nikon bodies (20 and counting)

Olympus mju 1030 SW

I am going to Kota Kinabalu next week & one of the ‘agenda’ is white river rafting! I will definitely not going to bring my DSLR to the river. Since I am looking for a point & shoot (compact) camera, might as well I go for the Olympus mju 1030 SW. It is shockproof & waterproof. Never mind the bulletproof. I am not in USA :D

I booked one unit from Leos.com and already asked my ITD friend, Unggul to buy for me. It cost me RM1300 with 4GB memory. I hope it worst it!

Update: I bought the black colour set at RM1300 with 4GB memory. Went to Sabah and used it during the Grade 1-2 Kiulu River white water rafting. Picture quality wise, nothing to shout about.