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Nuang Expedition: Lessons learnt

We went up Nuang Mountain recently to train for Rinjani Expedition at the end of this month. I learnt few things:

  1. Travel lite. Do not carry too many cameras or lenses. I may just carry D200 + 17-35mm & 85mm & my Leica P&S.
  2. Must have good rest before the expedition. We must sleep early on 30th June. Wake up the next day & get a good breakfast.
  3. Just carry one simple bag. Others can give to porters. :D – IDR80,000 per day (so we need IDR240,000 per person)
  4. Lowepro Toploader is OK but not great.
  5. Must get myself even a lighter & smaller tripod. (An excuse to buy a gadget) *grin*

Gunung Nuang | A training for Mount Rinjani

1500m vs. 3700m! That’s a fair fight I guess. Located at Ulu Langat, Gunung Nuang is popular among mountaineers or outdoor enthutiast especially those staying around Klang Valley.

Arey & Remi, as persons heading the Rinjani Extraordinary Photo Adventure Team (REPAT) (<—- just created this acronyms of which I do not know its meaning ha ha ha) decided for all of us to have a serious training & briefing session before we climb Mount Rinjani at the end of June this year.

We have decided to climb on 12-14th June 2009. Team from Kuantan (& Muar I guess) will depart to KL on 12th June. Stay one night in KL & climb the mountain as early as 7AM on the 13th. According to Remi’s itinerray, we need 6-7 hours to reach the top of the mountain.

After reading few blogs I would say, a-day climb is possible. So how? For safety reason, better prepare like we wanna camp……but the weight will sure slow us down. ND went there & he camped there. Many went up the summit & came back after almost 12 hours trekking.

We better camp up there I guess….This will give us extra buffer times should anyone face problem climbing within the usual ‘average’ time.

So guys we need to prepare few things for camping up there:

  1. Tent – I only have 1 tent (and it is only a two-men tent)
  2. Cooker – I have one – but I need to buy some gases
  3. Utensils – I have some cooking utensils – enough for simple cook I guess
  4. Dry cloth – 1 pair is enough I guess
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Water – I guess we need to carry enough water – I don’t know – I have 3L water bladder
  7. A 30-40L knapscak should suffice, but the Deuter 55+10 is OK already
  8. Good shoes
  9. Sleeping bag + sleeping mate
  10. Torchlights
  11. Matches

Remi please add….

For reference, please read this blog. The pictures at ND’s flickr.