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Lata Mentagan | 26th April 2009

We will go to Lata Mentagan, Maran this Sunday. It is about 1 hour car journey to this small waterfall. Our aim is landscape & macro photography. Those interested to come please read our flickr forum. My friends who had been there warned us about that creepy craeture called ‘pacat’ which is endemic there :D

Family outing at Pantai Kempadang

It was just a quick trip to a nearby beach. It was already 9AM & the sun is already high. But the kids still can’t resist the temptation to play sand-castle….




Cruising Sungai Kuantan

Went river cruise with family yesterday. The kids love the trip eventhough it was their 2nd time.


Used one lens all the way after boarded the boat….





The jetty at mangrove area has been reconstructed however the walkway is now old & there were few broken woods.

Got few bird shots. Birds like White Bellied Sea Eagle, stork & kingfisher but the pictures are horrible. 300mm is not long enough…