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Java Mountains II: An extraordinary trip!

Alhamdulillah, the nine of us succesfully conquered Mount Lawu! We went to various places but I am not able to write the story now due to work commitment. This is a pix at Bromo for a teaser….

p/s This pix was taken from inside the moving jeep.

Hunting a new tripod system

Markins M20

Been studying many websites & articles reading about tripod & ballhead. I want a lighter pods (but stronger). What I have now is a Benro A298 & KS-1 ballhead. I have narrowed down to Feisol CT-3442 (carbon fibre, 1 kg weight, up to 18″ closed height) & Markins M20 (0.5 kg, supports up to 45 kg load).

I bought Feisol from Trifid Optics for RM1210. It comes with the centre column and a carrying bag. For the Markins, I oedered it from ShaShinki. Total cost, including the plates are over RM1800. I am yet to receive the tripod & ballhead. I hope the system can support my D3 & 300 f2.8 lens.

Feisol CT-3442