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Windows 7, my experience

I am no reviewer & I will not attempt to be one for a huge OS upgrade like Windows 7. Suffice to say that I like it a lot. It is very fast, even compared to Windows XP. It runs faster on the same machine with 4GB RAM. Of course it is a huge improvement from Vista.

Recently my university received the Professional & Enterprise versions.

What I like about Windows 7 apart from its speed (& stability – yet to get BSOD it also has nice taskbar – now files are sorted according to its type & easily access by choosing the interested file.

Oh another important dysfunction I encountered is that my Kaspersky Internet Security can’t be executed properly. Still searching the solution.

My Documents has been replaced with Libraries, but I don’t find it major thing. The device & printers task cool. But function wise is no different to me.

When installed to my Thinkpad X200, I can almost us all function without the need to update any of the drivers. So far I can’t use my finger print feature. So overall no major issue at all but being kiasu, I downloaded Lenovo’s latest System Update & tried to update all files (none was categorised as critical), however not all were installed appropriately. Therefore I need to go to Lenovo’s Windows 7 compatibility download & doanloaded certain app. I installed Lenovo finger printing app but it was not stable & causing the flashscreen to freeze.

One annoying problem occurred after I updated my notebook, the folder in Explorer failed to open on the same windows. However there is already a solution for that. Just go here & download the batch file & run it as administrator.