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IIUM is not a public university!

It’s unfair! Yup….IIUM is a registered company but it was created as a company so that we can use English & Arab as the medium of instruction. Those days, only privates can use English as official language. (And now they are teaching science & math to young kids in English! And make a hoo-haa about it in newspaper trying to defend their move).

We got 100% budget from government. We have to follow Government Order (GO). We don’t make profit. More importantly our salary & promotion follows government scheme. But because we are a company…..we are treated as one. One of the major issue now…..all our allowance (that constitute almost 40% of the salary) are taxable!

Come on lah government!! Sedar lah sikit! If we are a government institute, rectify this private-publis status once & for all. Or…just give us the salary of the private medical university lecturers! *BIG GRIN* (something like quardruple than the current rate).