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My Hajj Journal Part 5

Yesterday we attended the last serie of hajj talk for IIUM Hajj programme 1429 H. Again, it was a useful talk especially the talk by Prof Sano. As usual withy his smiling face & soft voice, he related to use the story of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) & his family in obeying Allah’s command….starting when Ibrahim (pbuh) at an old age had a son, Ismail (pbuh). He loves Ismail so much so that Allah strated to test him. He had to leave Ismail with his wife, Hajar (pbuh) in an empty dessert, no known as Mecca, with no source for life whatsoever. The sacrifice of heart & physical was so great from all of them. The run from Safa & Marwa is now made compulsary for all those who want to perform hajj. When Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) completed his dakwa in Jurusalem, 15-17 years later, he was ordered to return to his family. Can you imagine how happy a father will be when he see his child, his only child after 15-17 years of separation? But again Allah (SWT) tested him……he was ordered to slaughter Ismail! All the act from Arafah to Muzdalifah to Mina…..the throwing of stones to the shaitan….are all now the compulsary acts in hajj.

Dato’ Sano completed his talk by saying that, all of us now go for hajj with our very own ‘Ismail’. We want to sacrifice….or remove many bad things that we have…..along the way we will be tested. Our heart will be tested…..our physical will be tested…our emotion will be tested. Tests coming from people around us, occasionally people who are very dear to us….or even people who we never met before. Tests from the environment, from anywhere.

At the end of the session, we were given our e-ticket, medical supply, passport with visa & bank draft. We are ready to for hajj…..

O Allah, grant us the strengths to endure your test. Please forgive our sins. Maintain us in iman. Please accept our hajj.