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ThinkPad W700ds laptop

Peh….its a portable workstation with DUAL screen! Yup 2 screens in one notebook…..and the price is nearly RM20K!

The weight is slightly lighter than baby elephant! :D Oh btw…why am I always looking at Thinkpad? Because others are not a notebook, only Thinkpad is! Muahahahaha…

I bought a Mac!!

Thanks to Dr Azian & Dr Razali for organising a seminar on Mac & Osirix……my wife was convinced that Osirix will help her on her anatomy teachings. Therefore she would like to have a Mac! So yesterday I ‘tawaf’ buildings around Bukit Bintang searching for a Macbook. First I went to two shops at Lowyat. Still not satisfied, I went to Machine at Lot 10. Not so nice fella there…..finally I went to Epicentre in Pavillion & the offer was good enough for me; a free upgrade to 4Gig RAM (with the extended AppleCare).

Now busy installing important applications. As usual, the ‘cosmetic’ & user-friendliness are impressive.

Not bad…not bad at all. But for certain software, Mac still lacks certain punch.

My complaint on apps for Mac so far:

  1. The Entourage is not as powerful as Outlook
  2. The VGA video cable adaptor is not provided – leceh betul
  3. No free sync app for Windows Mobile (to sync my wife hTC Touch)
  4. Can’t use Celcom 3G USB datacard Solved
  5. EndNote X2 is not at term with Office 2008 that I have Will be solved – I know how already….

Update 2nd Jan 2009:
OK I finished installed what essential for general computing. A straight forward exercise. Also managed to do visualisation with Windows XP. Overall…..it is just OK. The urge to really have a Mac is not that high anymore. I prefer Windows on IBM Thinkpad. And that is what I will do after this. Reformat back my X60s & use it as my work horse.

Mac: Why so defensive?

Just have a chat with a Mac representative. Wah…he was so defensive. Me & a friend, previously a hardcore Mac user, were challenging him with questions about ‘why Mac’? He admitted that Mac is expensive but he believe that anyone should buy Mac because it is good. Better than PC. Even students should buy Mac….and students should not buy expensive toy or phones. We were merely suggesting that Mac to produce cheaper version of machines for students or home users.

As usual, the main reason for one to switch to a  Mac is because PC crashes a lot. I would say, any machine crash. But poor hardware-kernel-OS integration is the culprit. I love IBM Thinkpad, because it rarely crash & the Thinkvantage technology to update necessary drivers when OS upgraded.

With Thinkpad, I rarely need to reformat my PC & it seldom crash.

As for the virus problem, Mac is indeed protected (for the time being). Once it is popular, no worry Mac, there will be people who will develop those worms or virus or trojan for you.

The ease of use? Out of the box, to use Mac you better configure those mouse or trackpad. Because they are sluggish. The file & folder management also different. So those who are switching to Mac, start learning the different layout.

Again & again I would say, let people buy anything that they find useful & worth their hard-earned money. Both Mac or PC are just tools. Choose the right tool for your work. For the time being I choose PC.