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A break in Buaya Sangkut

Not sure whether I am gonna rest or not……but I am surely need one. At least my mind need one. So this weekend I am going shooting again…..Shooting picture. Will trek for 3 days & 2 nights in Endau-Rompin Rainforest. Our ultimate destination will be Buaya Sangkut Waterfall. Just google for the name & you’ll see so many pictures of this beautiful waterfall.

We will meet at Kahang in Mersing before going with 4×4 to Kuala Sungai Jasin. We will stay overnight at Kuala Jasin first. Only on second day we will trek to Buaya Sangkut. The journey was estimated to be 3-4 hours by foot. There gonna be a lot of that blood sucking little creature. Now I am worry. I already plan to wear my Teva sandal.

As always, I am struggling to choose what bag to use. I need to carry 2 camera bodies, D3 & D300s; 14-24mm, 70-200mm & 105mm lenses; tripod; 2-men tent, sleeping mate, foods, stove & dry cloths. Hmmm…wonder whether my 45L Tilopa fit for the job?

What Tilopa is not?

I bought this expensive camera backpack for awhile now. The bag is great but it is not suitable for travel photography. It is good for outdoor photography though. I normally find it very good for my hiking & short days camping. I am happy to use the bag for my regular Panorama Hill climb. But for my oversea trip, I had to leave the bag at home.

The bag is too small for the main backpack but too big to carry into the plane’s cabin.

During our recent 7 days Indonesia travel, I wish I can use the bag at Mt Bromo & Mt Ijen. But I didn’t bring it because the size issue. I will never put my camera bag inside the plane’s luggage.

So now…..I have another excuse to find a complementary bags….or maybe ‘just’ camera pouch……ThinkTank holsters are in my mind, together with the harness & belt.

f-stop Tilopa: My quick review

I used Tilopa for a quick 220m hike to photograph sunrise from Panorama Hill (Bukit Panorama) which located at Sungai Lembing Town, about 45 km from Kuantan.

The bag is very light. That was my first impression. The straps are great. The compartments are all useful. Huge side pockets are very convenience as compared to other bags that I have. The zips are tough.

However when I first load my gears, I realized that the ICU is pretty small. I can’t fit in my 300mm lens. But that’s OK as I don’t think I’ll hike 3000m mountain with a 300mm. I can fit my D3 attached to 70-200mm VR f2.8 and D300s with 14-24mm f2.8. Also I have one more space for my speedlight. I’ll show some pictures when I have time to transfer them into the PC.

I also put into its top compartment some snacks and my headlamp; 2 bottles of mineral water & poncho into the side pockets & my Feisol CT-3442 carbon fibre tripod strapped to the back. I didn’t really measure the weight but I guess circa 10 kg or slightly more.

The bag was comfortable to wear but after a few minutes, maybe after 30 minutes I feel uncomfortable at the waist support. I think the waist support is not wide enough. Even my Lowepro Primus has thicker padding. And the corner of the bottom of the bag (the inner side) kept hurting my waist. I am 173cm tall with waist circumference of 36 inches. Waist support is everything about a good backpack.

The back of the bag is pretty hot after a while. They should start looking at how to improve circulation to the back of the bag.

So as the conclusion:

Good Points:

  1. Light
  2. Great straps
  3. Varieties of compartments
  4. Tough zips

Things can be improved

  1. Waist support
  2. Poor air circulation at the back of the bag

Overall, I am happy with Tilopa. I am yet to test it on serious long trekking trip.

Update: I have updated my view on Tilopa. You guys can check on them. The recent one is here.