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What Tilopa is not?

I bought this expensive camera backpack for awhile now. The bag is great but it is not suitable for travel photography. It is good for outdoor photography though. I normally find it very good for my hiking & short days camping. I am happy to use the bag for my regular Panorama Hill climb. But for my oversea trip, I had to leave the bag at home.

The bag is too small for the main backpack but too big to carry into the plane’s cabin.

During our recent 7 days Indonesia travel, I wish I can use the bag at Mt Bromo & Mt Ijen. But I didn’t bring it because the size issue. I will never put my camera bag inside the plane’s luggage.

So now…..I have another excuse to find a complementary bags….or maybe ‘just’ camera pouch……ThinkTank holsters are in my mind, together with the harness & belt.

East Java Travel 2010 – Part 4

I plan to make this as the last part for the recent East Java photo travel or what we called Extraordinary Photo Adventure Travel or EX.P.A.T. Why the ‘adventure’? Because we like to trek at least one mountain for every travel. And we take photos, with shopping least in the list.

Before I write this last part, let me summarise what we did:

Day 1: KL-Surabaya-Restaurant Bu Nuraini-Sukapura-Cemoro Lawang-Cemara Indah

Day 2: Cemara Indah-Penanjakan-Mt Bromo-savannah-Ranupane/Ranuregulo-Cemara Indah

Day 3: The Tengger village-Madakaripura Waterfall-Jember (enroute Papuma but was too late)-Blawan-Catimur Homestay

Day 4: Catimur Homestay-Paltuding (basecamp)-Ijen’s crater-Paltuding-Catimur Homestay

Day 5: Catimur Homestay (at Blawan) – Papuma Beach – Sedati, Surabaya (New Cahaya Hotel)

Day 6: Sedati-Tanjung Perak (but was not able to enter the port without permit)-Sedati-Kiya-kiya Road-Pabean Market-Cheng Ho Mosque-shopping in Surabaya – Shopping for outdoor equipment-Sedati (hotel)

Day 7: Sedati-Pantai Kenjeran-Sedati-Airport-KL

OK, now in this last part, I just wanna share some photos during the Ijen’s climb.

Mt Ijen is actually a complex of few mountains. There are Mt Merapi (altogether there are 3 Merapi in Indonesia, or was it 4??). I have been to Mt Merapi in Selo (central Java, i.e. the famous Merapi). We woke up as early as 3AM on Day 4 of our journey & went straight to Paltuding, the basecamp to Ijen.

Our guide said he can make it in 1 hour, most locals can walk in 45 mins (without load) to the crater. And for us…..we took 3 hours to reach the crater’s rim. We prayed Subuh at Post 1, and breakfast at Post 2 (or maybe 3).

Ijen is famous for its sulphur mining. But we were a bit unlucky as that day was the ‘libur’ day (off day) for the sulphur carriers. So there were not many of them that day.

The journey to the crater was beautiful….

And…when we reached the crater….subhanallah!! We know it worth every single drop of sweat! :D

It was indeed a great journey! The mountain & the crater were so beautiful! A must go place. We can’t afford Europe, but surely this is also a great place to visit & we plan to go here again soon.

We went back, happy! Had a great lunch at Paltuding even though we just ordered instant fried mee. Then we went back to the hotel, to its great pool & hot water pool.

Almost everyone slept that afternoon. But by 5PM, we were already out to the nearby village to capture the people there. The very next day, we departed to Papuma Beach. Another 3 hours drive from Blawan. We did shoot people harvesting rice.

The beach was indeed beautiful.

After Papuma, we went back to Surabaya. A 6 hours drive. Great joy with all the friends in the bus. Almost everyone wanna sing that Wali Bands’ songs but shy….ha ha ha. The very next day we shoot Pabean Market & Cheng Ho’s mosque.

We went’s to a famous mosque (one of Wali Songo’s) but was not allowed to photograph anything. So instead, we went to Cheng Ho’s mosque (I’ll upload when I managed to transfer them to my flickr).

The last day in Surabaya, we spent time at Kenjeran Beach.

With that silhouette picture, I end my entry for our East Java photo travel.

Many wish to go to the same route, My advise, design your own route & try new places & then we share pictures. Whether it is in Malaysia, Indonesia or anywhere. Shoot a  lot & share.

It is not about who use Canon or Nikon; full frame of not. Just enjoy your travel & bring back memories….in pictures.

Too many tentative travel

Too many plans, not sure whether all these thing will materialised….


  1. Royal Belum – no date decided – but should not be a problem


  1. Silkroad – uncertain – no plan – no guide yet – RM???
  2. Surabaya-Bromo-Idjin – 5 days max – should be a problem but Bromo is now at Level III alert – RM1000
  3. Solo-Selo-Merbabu-Dieng – 7 days max – should be a problem – RM1000
  4. Melbourne-Tasmania – 10 days max – contact available – RM2000
  5. Nepal – 10 days – no contact yet – RM???

I’ll plan one or two trip/s seriously once we are back from Bali.