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My bike fitting….a big problem.

I have this impression that my bike’s frame is too small for me. I am using Trek Madone 4.7 52cm (XS) frame.

I believe mine is H2 frame. CC = 50cm, TT = 54cm, stem=120mm.

However when I calculated my fitting size using online application, with my inseam & height, I need around 54″ C-T (seat tube). With the problem of handlebar palsy I am having now after a long ride, plus few comments from experienced fellow riders looking the proportionate of my body & the bike’s size….I am starting to wonder whether I bought the right frame for my size. Thinking of a larger frame, 54 cm size maybe.

But repeated visits to my favorite shop & stages of fitting done by Mr Rahim (a professional coach for state & LeTua’s team)…he said the bike fits me well. So far…apart from the handlebar palsy, the bike is excellent. Well….I don’t have other roadbike to compare with. I just changed the handle bar from 40″ to 44″ carbon. Tested it for just 25KM yesterday & didn’t appreciate any difference. Will test this handlebar on Sunday. Will try to do 80KM ride at least.

My new ride

Finally I succumbed to the natural sequelae of cycling manic syndrome….from a recreational bike to a serious full suspension mountain bike….and recently fully carbon road bike!

I bought Trek Madone 4.7 from Mr Rahim LeTua last week. Cost me quite some $$$. The bike came with SRAM Rival groupset. Not so high class kind of groupset but I would say great for newbie like me. Wheels, rim & stem are all from Bontrager. Mr Rahim gave me Thomson Elite seatpost.

Once confirmed my purchase, Mr Rahim set the bike for me. He adjusted the seatpost height & position, then the pedal…..and finally the stem & handlebar.

I just did few rides with the bike & I am fully satisfied with it.

Just now I did 33KM road ride with fellow friends.

I also bought Bontrager RXL carbon cycling shoes & a new helmet. The cool thing about this new bike is the built in socket to insert bike sensor to measure speed & cadence. Since I already have Garmin Forrunner 405CX, the newly acquired bike sensor paired automatically & work perfectly!

I am not into bike technical that much & in fact I do not know most of the bicycle ‘anatomy’. I don’t really plan to upgrade anything as yet.

I am at the moment a very happy guy! ;)