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How to create a digital ID using Adobe Acrobat

I got a request to produce an online tutorial on the creation for digital ID using Adobe Acrobat & the ability to sign documents.

First of all I hope you guys know that what we are doing is to create a ‘digitized signature’ as compare to a digital signature. A true digital signature or ID requires no scribble on a paper. That’s the current trend & I assume the only official way to sign any legal document.

So here goes…

1. Make sure you already scanned your signature. Preferably using a black ink on a clean white paper. Scan hi-res, at least at 300 dpi. Save it to either in JPEG or PNG format. I prefer the later as it accomodate transparent background.

2. Open your Adobe Acrobat Professional. Not Adobe Reader OK!

3. Go to Advanced>Security Setting

4. Then click ‘Add ID”

5. Choose to create a new ID. If you already have the ID, just upload it here. Then click Next.

6. Then choose the first option….”New PKCS#12…”. Then click Next.

7. Then fill in the relevant details. Don’t forget the email address. Then click Next.

8. Then save the ID to someplace save. Create a password that you will remember!

9. That’s it you had just created a digital ID.

10. Now we have to create the ‘skin’ or appearance of the ID. So don’t close you Acrobat as yet.

11. Go to Edit>Preferences…

12. Under ‘Appearnces”, click “New”. Then click OK.

13. Give the appearance a name. Could be anything. Doesn’t have to be your name. For the graphic, select “Imported graphic” and browse the signature you have scanned.

14. Then un-check all items in “Configure Text”. Then click OK. That’s it. You have done. Now you can sign any PDF document using your Acobat Professional.