My new blog’s site

Hi, I am Jamal.

Why tembeling? It’s a long story. I am a doctor and I served as medical and health officer in Ulu Tembeling, Pahang from 1996-1998. The place was very popular among doctors then, because of its remoteness. Every new doctor was scared of the place. A 120KM away from the nearest town, Jerantut and the only transport then was by boat along Tembeling River crossing at least 9 rapids. There was no public communication service exist at that area. But, I like the place but I do not want to explain why….because it would be a very long entry. So because I like it, I use its name as my ‘internet’s handle’.

I decided to use a managed site for my new blog’s page…..and I failed to move all the previous but out dated blogs, which mostly are ramblings on my hiking & photography stuff to this site. No worry, you won’t miss anything.

I may still try to upload again the old blogs here, but should be later.

For the meantime, enjoy the new site!