Tembeling, my experience

I married in August 1996 while doing my last housemanship posting in internal medicine in Hospital Kuala Terengganu. In November the same year me and my wife were posted to Pahang. When we met the state director in his office, we were not even invited to sit down when he handed over few papers containing instruction for us to go to Jerantut. I will be posted to Kuala Tembeling Community Clinic while my wife to Jerantut Hospital. I tried to postpone the posting citing my interest to complete the third posting, which were Paediatrics and Orthopaedics; but my request was denied because they said the decision was made even before I arrived to Pahang. Heartbroken, I obliged. Public health is not my interest. I aspired to be a surgeon, a Urologist to be exact. I did litholapaxy, cystoscopic examination, removal of urethral stent and so many other urology procedures. In fact I like urology since I was a medical student. I can’t imagine myself doing public health so early in my medical life.

“First do no harm”, is supposedly a part of the Hippocratic Oath even though there are arguments that it was not in its original scripture found in AD245. In Islam, we

My new blog’s site

Hi, I am Jamal.

Why tembeling? It’s a long story. I am a doctor and I served as medical and health officer in Ulu Tembeling, Pahang from 1996-1998. The place was very popular among doctors then, because of its remoteness. Every new doctor was scared of the place. A 120KM away from the nearest town, Jerantut and the only transport then was by boat along Tembeling River crossing at least 9 rapids. There was no public communication service exist at that area. But, I like the place but I do not want to explain why….because it would be a very long entry. So because I like it, I use its name as my ‘internet’s handle’.

I decided to use a managed site for my new blog’s page…..and I failed to move all the previous but out dated blogs, which mostly are ramblings on my hiking & photography stuff to this site. No worry, you won’t miss anything.

I may still try to upload again the old blogs here, but should be later.

For the meantime, enjoy the new site!